Stand up for yourself and amazing things will happen.

I am tired of seeing people bow to authority and not stand up for themselves. Everyone has constitutional rights, civil rights, international rights, and God-given rights. I have had a lot of people approach me (especially law enforcement and those who are/were locked up) and ask why do you file so many grievances and law suits? My response is through my actions:

  1. Effectively challenged prison conditions through mediation.
  2. Challenged Tennessee Department of Corrections 6 times. Won 5 of them through administrative procedures and lost one through the courts (AG and court clerk did low down shady things then blocked me from appealing). That loss did lead to several state laws being changed, so it was a victory of sorts.
  3. Challenged illegal police detainment and won through administrative procedures. Twice.
  4. Challenged Walmart for discrimination and damage to personal property through General Sessions Court and won.
  5. Challenged illegal arrest and detainment by University of Memphis police in General Session Court and won.

See what happens when you stand up for yourself and learn your rights and how to invoke them? You can do it too.

Update: I can now add U.S. Department of Education to my list of victories and I didn’t have to go to court nor use the law. All I did was use my tongue. Words can be the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. It is a shame so many don’t use it.

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