Fight for those who cannot fight for themselves

With the rapid spread of the Corona Virus many businesses and governmental and municipality agencies including the courthouses have closed or are going to later this week. No longer can you visit loved ones that iare in the hospital or come in to dry out and/or get warm. This leaves little to no help for those that cannot fend for themselves.

We all have friends and/or relatives that are locked up, whether they have been found guilty and sentenced or are waiting for their day in court. It is bad enough visitation has been shut down till further notice. Now, with the courthouses closing their is no way they can access the courts. Instead they sit there, alone, waiting for a day that may not come for quite some time.

With the cold, rainy weather and the continuance thereof all this week the homeless are in dire straits. Libraries are closing on Wednesday and the shelters are overflowing. MATA has a two-hour rule and the city no longer allows access to the gazebo for shelter from the rain. Churches are either closing their doors to the homeless or are limiting their services. Churches are canceling Room In The Inn services placing not only men who usually do not get to go but women as well on the streets. This not only increases the chance of criminal activity, including aggressive panhandling, but also the spread of the virus and other health issues. The streets will soon be overflowing with the homeless, both young and old. Our already overflowing jails and prisons will be that much more filled because of the homeless having nowhere to go and nowhere to eat while we the tax payers have to pay for their incarceration.

I am not asking for money. I am asking for everyone to drop what they are doing, grab the hand of the nearest person, pray diligently for those that cannot fend for themselves, and write an encouraging word to the homeless and to the incarcerated.

Let them know that we still care.

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