Been gone away for far too long

Sorry I have been gone for so long. The political weapon called Covid-19 has done me in. I lost EVERYTHING-my business, my home, my income, my scholarships/grants, and my freedom. Now I am ready and able to fight back and I am PISSED!!!! Last time I was this pissed the county jail was closed for 3 weeks pending a federal investigation which resulted on complete temporary takeover and 86% of the staff fired. Now I am taking on Governor Lee, Mayor Strickland, Mayor lee, TDOC, and anyone else that stands in my way.

Now down to business. I have been wanting to write this for weeks now but haven’t had time and all my volunteers are gone so I have to do literally everything myself. I do not know about you but I am tired of the government’s attempts (and successes) at controlling the populace and spreading fear and hatred. I urge everyone to stop believing the lies and false reports and pay close attention to what is REALLY going on. Since police brutality is no longer tolerated and criminal justice reform is such a hot topic the government needs another weapon to control the populace. The new weapon is Covid-19. And here is why.

I have empirical evidence that proves that WHO, CDC, and Dr. Fauci are full of crap. I mean we have to wear masks in public, sporting events and arenas are not allowed to have fans but Fauci and his family and friends can be at the Nationals’ season opener with no masks and no social distancing. He has been caught in so many falsehoods and caught at his own games that I believe nothing he says and you shouldn’t either. Besides this there is the fact we all already know that WHO downplayed and lied to the world about this virus and their glorious leader has repeatedly backed and praised China for this virus. We also already know that CDC has been telling hospitals to write COVID for cause of death if they do not know what caused the patient’s demise. Anther fact we know is CDC “accidentally” sent thousands of masks out that was infected with COVID-19. I am not trying to speak conspiracy or anything like that. I HAVE PROOF and it scares the hell out of me and it will you too. In the first 3 months of Covid-19 killed nowhere near what H1N1 did in 2009 in the same amount of time and the government did not panic then. Why is that? Or how about why hospitals and doctors are being fined millions of dollars administering drugs and vitamins proven to have amazing effects on this virus? Hmm . . . . .

I have access to documents and certain medical personnel willing to testify if needs be that the reports and numbers being told to us by our leaders and the media are not matching if I can somehow protect them and their families. Unfortunately I cannot but I know people that can and will. Hospitals all over the U.S. are not full to the brim but the total opposite. They are EMPTY. There are no thousands of Covid patients. Nurses and doctors are being laid off or their hours are being severely diminished due to the fact they have no patients. I have personally spoken with 4 nurses, a research specialist at UT Medical (which is where ALL medical data, research, and studies are either done and/or held for West TN), and a friend of a high ranking nurse and every single one of them have one thing in common: THEY ALL SAY WE ARE BEING LIED TO!!!!!!! There is a reason why high doses of vitamin C and the influenza vaccine is being banned. Why? BECAUSE IT WORKS!!!!!!! What else did they say? CDC IS PAYING THE HOSPITALS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO LIE AND FALSIFY MEDICAL RECORDS!!!!!!!! They have not gone forward because they and their families have been threatened.Her e in Memphis (and I have seen it with mine own beady little eyes) the hospitals are doing exactly what I said above. I have documents and/or access to documents where every person that has died has COVID as a cause of death when they died from say a gunshot wound for example and no other illnesses, medical issues, etc. They were perfectly healthy save for having a hole in their chest or head. People that had a broken arm all of a sudden have COVID. A friend’s parents, who btw have all kinds of health issues, got COVID and never went to the hospital AND LIVED WITH NO COMPLICATIONS OR SIDE EFFECTS. One of the business owners I know of a certain business here just told me his son, who is in the Air Force and just returned from leave, got Covid while here. Guess what? He is now “cured” and all he got was vitamin C shots. They were going to give him the influenza vaccine but he is diabetic and it could have caused all kinds of issues. (this comes from military doctors). He also told me about his good friend who was a high ranking nurse had to go all the way to Jamaica just to be able to continue her medical career due to the lack of jobs. Wait I thought a pandemic was happening. Shouldn’t she be in high demand-especially due to her rank and experience?

Now do not get me wrong. There are certain cities where the virus is a major problem, but it is nowhere near the pandemic we are told it is. The government wants desperately to control us and since they cannot do a lot they want to do they are doing it through a “pandemic.” Now people are living with what we and our loved ones go through everyday. I have even seen certain judges say this in their opinions. I see more and more articles and responses to these articles every day where people are speaking about this good and ill. A lot of them are even being swayed to if not our cause a mutual understanding and sympathy. I see COVID not only as a political weapon but a way for us to battle these draconian laws being forced upon immigrants, the justice system, and those that have served their time and paid their debt to society.

Just my thoughts and fears. I do not ask you to believe me-I ask you to do your own research. Just make sure you are ready to keep an open mind and prepare yourself for the fact you may just find my words as truth.

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